About us

What sets us apart from the thousands of production companies?

Well, we are more than just a business video production company. We are a video production company that understands how businesses work.

As one of the most innovative corporate and promotional video production companies in the Romania, Dream Media Production offers more than a decade of experience working with companies of all sizes.

We are an end-to-end creative video production company; working with passion to develop an initial concept, through storyboarding, filming, editing and post-production to delivery with a digital marketing support package.

At Dream Media Production, we know marketing on many levels. Branding is first, but we go even further. We care about your your website marketing strategy, your value propositions, and even the best practices for your integrated marketing strategy.

We basically strive to create the best video possible to communicate the message you need to improve your business.

Our  services include: corporate videos, promo videos, testimonial videos, training videos, product demos, commercials, event video, documentaries, short films, DVD authoring, closed/open captioning, video editing, motion graphics, aerial cinematography, video content marketing packages.